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Rashguards is blouses that is used in martial arts - they protect your skin agianst excoriations and scratches when you fight.

A rashguard is produced of durable, flexible and breathable lightweight material. Furthermore the material is antibacterial, this means the blouse avoid to get moldy in the laundry basket.

The rashguards is both tight-fitting and smooth, which is an extra advantage, becasue it gets difficult for your opponent to let you down!

Rashguards originally arised from the surfer environment in Austria and it was from this environment that the rashguard became popular.

It became popular, because the rashguard protects you against wounds and the sun's harmful UV-rays. Later it is almost an uniform in mixed martial arts (MMA).
Century Padded Compression Sleves Black

Century Padded Compression Sleves Black

33,40 13,29 EUR