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Mixed Martial Arts

MMA stands for mixed martial arts - a martial art that combines all other forms of martial arts. Each fighter decide which techniques he / she will use.

Some people have the impression that MMA is a fight to the death - of course it is not true. There are bang in the ring, but the sport has of course safety rules that exist to protect the fighters' health.

MMA has in its current form since 1993 - but we know that martial arts with mixed techniques have existed in various forms since ancient Greece.

MMA requires hard physical training and you can easily train it without going into the ring - so you can get in excellent shape, even if you will not fight against others.
Are you a beginner, you should at least get yourself bag gloves and hand wraps. If you would like to try to spar with one of your training buddies, you must also use a mouthguard, a pair of sparring gloves - preferably the head guard and groin guard! Talk to your coach and find out what equipment you can borrow at the club and what you should buy.

Venum Rapid Spats

Venum Rapid Spats

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