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Creatine - Energy

Creatine is a nutrient that helps to a more effective conversion of energy in your muscles.

If you take creatine you can performe more explosive muscle workout in short periods - such as lifting heavier weights than you normally is used to.

Thats why creatine is such a populair supplement for those who is building muscles.

Creatine is also a natural part of your body, because the body is even to produce the creatine itself and it also comes through normal food.

Creatine as supplement works that you increase the amount of creatine in your body - so your muscles can provide more than you are used to.

Be aware of that consumption of bigger amounts of creatine can cause some side effects - please read the instructions on the package and follow the recommended amounts.  

You can also have a talk with your doctor before starting on creatine - better be on the safe side.
Bodylab Carbs 1 kg

Bodylab Carbs 1 kg

13,29 EUR