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Bodylab Weight Gainer 1,5 kg

Bodylab Weight Gainer 1,5 kg

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    Produkt description

    Bodylab Weight Gainer is with a high content of calories and protein quality, which produces results.

    Weight Gainer from Bodylab contains of an optimal balance between slow and fast acting carbohydrates, as well as a high content of amino acids and protein.
    The product contains of maltodextrin, which gives you lots of energy and whey protein, which together create the best conditions for optimal recovery after training.

    Bodylab Weight Gainer is for you who will built up a serious muscle mass. You will here get a product with lots of calories, proteins and amino acids, and all the necessary building blocks your body needs.

    You can either use Bodylab Weight Gainer as refund drink or meal substitutes, but should always be used as a supplement to a healthy and nutritious diet.

    The product can either be mixed with water or juice. We recommend using a shaker to dissolve gain control in.

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