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Bodylab Carbs 1 kg

Bodylab Carbs 1 kg

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Produkt description

Bodylab Carbs consist of rapidly absorbable carbohydrate maltodextrin, and is a product you can usefully take along with protein powder after your workout.

Maltodextrin contains lots of energy. Therefore, it lends itself for example also for intake before and during exercise. You just need to shake it with water to have a tasty and delicious beverage.

It is recommended to take Bodylab Carbs, depending on the intensity and exercise sessions, starting from 70-110g be mixed in 1l water. A single serving (70g) contains 270kcal.

Maltodextrin starch molecules including the following: polysaccharides (84%), maltotriose (9%), maltose (6%) and dextrose (1%).

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