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Better Bodies is for serious athletes in the fitness and the fitness environment. Athletes who understand that having a healthy athletic body demands blood, sweat and tears in every training session.

Better Bodies is for athletes that knows and appreciate the feeling of pain that has to be recovered to get results in the end! Athletes who is proud to live out the Better Bodies lifestyle!

In the beginning of the year 1980 Better Bodies was founded by Brian Moss, a very famous "fitness-guru" from New York. The Better Bodies company career started as a modeling agency for fitness models.

The modeling agency got very succesfull and was wellknown in the USA.

In the nice product sortiment from Better Bodies you find: T-shirts, tanktops, pants, tights, hoodies, shorts, training gloves and training belts.

The products is made of high quality, funktionality and design with an hugh impact and demands from athletes, because just the best products is good for a hard training.

Size Chart for Women

Size Chart for Men

Size Chart for Gloves

Better Bodies Camo High Tights

Better Bodies Camo High Tights

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